Letter to ITEF SG on intercharge transfer






The General Secretary,

ITEF, New Delhi.

Dear Comrade, 

                         This letter is to invite the attention of the Central Head Quarters  regarding the recent clarification on a serious subject of inter charge transfer furnished by the CBDT after consultation with the Zonal Accounts authorities, in the affidavit filed before the Central Administrative Tribunal, Kerala Chapter.   The clarification has been furnished in the form of counter affidavit to a case filed in the CAT.  

                         The summary of the clarification is as follows: No employee joined  on inter charge transfer from one state to another is not eligible for any pay protection consequent to their reversion to the junior post , as the reversion takes place not after interstate transfer but in their parent state prior to their transfer to the requested state.   According to the CBDT’s clarification furnished before the CAT, pay protection cannot be granted, as reversion takes place not after the inter charge transfer but within the state of service.   (An example is given here for reference- a STA in the Karnataka Charge on a request for inter charge transfer to Kerala has to opt for a reversion to the cadre of TA in the Karnataka Charge and thereafter being transferred to Kerala. Since the reversion to the Junior post takes place in Karnataka, not in the inter charge transfer  to Kerala ,the officials are not eligible for pay protection  according to the clarification). 

                         This is a very precarious and alarming clarification affecting the huge number of staff who came here on interstate transfer.   CBDT’s clarification is framed on a negative note therefore baseless and to be deleted at the earliest.   ITEF Hqrs. has to take up this issue seriously on an urgent measure. 

Yours faithfully, 



One Response to “Letter to ITEF SG on intercharge transfer”

  1. cheeha Says:

    •• Your comment is awaiting moderation •••
    Now it is time to raise the issue of 5400 GP to PS in Non-Secretariat cadres. The unions/associations/federations should brought to the notice of Government regarding parity of payscale of Steno cadre in entire subordinate offices at par with Central Sectt. It is regretted that in spite of pay commission recomendations the payscale of CSSS is not given to subordinate offices. The P.S payscale is what a P.A.(Non-Gtazetted) is getting 4800 GP and 5400 PB-3 after 4 years for P.S. and P.A. pay scale 4600 GP all scales should be at par with Central Sectt. Steno service. All confederations of non-CSS Stenos associations should represent the anomalies,before 4th N. Anomalies commitee are requested to see and implement same pay scales at par with CSS Stenos/PS, urgently and bring parity order from DOPT for entire central govt employees. COnfderation is requested to take up the matter seriously with DOPT and also anomalies committee.(Dept. of Defence, Defence Accounts Department Steno graphers/Ps are also one of the loosers due to non-implementation of the 6th CPC order).
    And also time to brought to the notice of Anamolies Committee, all the Stenos are recruited through the same examination conducted by Staff Selection Commission, all over India.
    During 6th CPC, Stenos/PS/SPS of non Secretariat are the top losers of the discrimination by the Government. All the federations to fight for natural justice by bringing same pay scales to same cadre people like Stenos/PS/SPS.

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