December 17, 2012


Press note

December 12, 2012

Copy of press note issued by JCA attached.
GS, ITEF, Kerala.
& Joint Convenor, JCA
Press note 12.12.12 JCA-

Congratulations to all Members

December 12, 2012

Dear Comrades,

As per the call of the Joint Council of Action of ITEF & ITGOA, the participation of the members in the all India strike action of today (12.12.12) to achieve 15 point Charter of demands, has been a great success in Kerala. On behalf of the Secretariat, I congratulate all the members of ITEF and ITGOA to make the strike action a historic one.

K S Sajeev, GS, ITEF, Kerala &
Joint Convenor, JCA, Kerala.

December 3, 2012

Promotion as ITO 3.12.12

Promotion as AO 3.12.12

Promotion as ITI 3.12.12

Promotion as OS 3.12.12

Promotion as STA 3.12.12


Transfers of ITI 3.12.12

Transfers of OS 3.12.12

General Secretary, ITEF, Kerala.





Promotion &Posting orders issued 03.12.2012

December 3, 2012

Dear Comrades,

Promotion and posting orders are issued today.


JCA’s Letter to CCIT dated 26.11.12

December 3, 2012

Dear Comrades,

Letters addressed to the CCIT on 26.11.2012  on the following issues are posted here.

Letter of JCA for appointment onCompassionate grounds to the dependents of employees died in harness.

2. Setting of Permanent Grievance Redressal Committee in Kerala Region.

K S Sajeev, GS, ITEF, Kerala.


JCA letter to CCIT on setting up of Grievance Redressal Committee


Letter to Chairman.

November 30, 2012

The Secretary General has addressed a letter to the Chairman, CBDT in response to letter dated 23.11.2012 on outsourcing.  Copy of the same attached for your information.

K S Sajeev, GS, ITEF, Kerala.

Letter dt.27.11.12 from SG, ITEF, addressed to Chairman



Transfer order of MTS

November 28, 2012

Transfer order of MTS staff issued on 20.11.12.  Copy attached.

GS, ITEF, Kerala

Transfer of MTS

Setting up of Personnel Grievance Redressal Committee

November 25, 2012

Dear Comrades,

                The CBDT had set-up an interim committee  vide OM No.12020/6/2012-Ad-IX dated 16.08.2012, to suggest among other things, ways and means of establishment of Permanent Machinery to address grievances of the employees of IT Department on ongoing basis.   The establishment of a permanent machinery to address grievances of employees was also discussed with the representatives of the ITEF and ITGOA.  The Board after considering the suggestion of the Committee has approved the setting up of a permanent mechanism for the purpose at all levels of Administrative hierarchy of the Department.   The Name of the Committee shall be Personnel Grievance Redressal Committee and its  Objective  shall  be to promote harmonious relation with the Staff & Officers working in the Income Tax Department, through discussions/negotiations in matters concerning the career and service condition and other issues of common concern and thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the service by ensuring high employee morale.

The Committee shall decide upon all issues raised by JCA or CBDT from time to time.

           Issues on which differing views arise amongst the officials and staff side and issues involving policy matters etc. shall be referred to the Quarterly Meeting with Chairperson and Member ( P&V) at CBDT level.

          Decision taken by the Committee and communicated to concerned authorities in the Department will be binding on all for implementation/ execution after it has been ratified by the whole Board. The Staff Side should also ensure that its members accept the decision and avoid litigations.

          The Committee shall seek reports or progress on the aspect of implementation of such decision by the concerned officers/ authorities.

            A copyof the O.M F. No.B-12020/15/2012-Ad-IX dated  16th November, 2012 is attached for the information of the members.  Personnel Grievance Redressal Committee of Kerala Region shall include three members of ITGOA and 3 members of ITEF. The President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary of ITEF shall be the members from ITEF. 

       For setting up Personnel Grievance Redressal Committee at the level of  CIT/CsIT Stations, the Branch Secretaries of ITEF at Trivandrum, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur and Calicut may decide the members in consultation with the local JCA.

Please intimate the details of nominations to the Circle HQ.

Fraternally yours,

K S Sajeev, General Secretary, ITEF, Kerala.

Personnel Grievance Redressal committee

Strike Notice

November 19, 2012
Dear Comrades,

Strike Notice signed by both the Joint Convenors of JCA has been served today (19.11.2012) on the CCIT (CCA), Kochi.  A copy of the same has been sent to the CCIT, Trivandrum and DGIT (Inv.), Kochi.

Notice signed by the joint convenors of the Branches where the CIT  (HOD) is functioning shall also be served today (19.11.2012) at Calicut/Thrissur/Kochi/Kottayamand Trivandrum.  Letter head of the Branch/Unit may be modified suitably.  A copy of the same may be forwarded to me.
K S Sajeev
GS, ITEF & Joint Convenor JCA

Copy of the Strike notice attached.

Strike Notice 19.11.12

strike notice

Circular dated 7.11.12 from ITEF CHQ